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Custom Woodworking Business

Custom Woodworking Business & Closets

The leading media channel devoted to professional owners and operators of custom wood businesses. CWB covers design, production and installation of individually tailored residential and commercial wood interiors and furnishings. Readers of CWB produce unique architectural millwork, custom cabinetry, institutional, residential and commercial interior projects, as well as custom furnishings, retail displays, and specially commissioned individual wood interior projects.

CLOSETS magazine is tracking home storage market, and providing our audience with the information they need to be successful business operators and is the #1 business publication for the professional home storage solutions marketplace. Designated the official publication of the Association of Closet & Storage Professionals (ACSP).

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Wood Products Magazine

Wood Products

The only media channel devoted exclusively to the information needs of woodworking executives and production managers in the high-volume secondary wood manufacturing market. Wood Products covers large-scale manufacture of residential, commercial and institutional furnishings, and factory production of cabinetry, commercial and residential casework, architectural millwork and moulding, and panel processing, and other high-volume production and installation wood interior components and specialty items produced in a factory setting.

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