Woodworker style has come in style - or, perhaps, as fine woodworkers skew to the "maker" demographic, they have gone stylish, too. Now its definite, with news from Nordstrom's online men's shopping service, Trunk Club, about their image of a "shopaholic," literally a guy with a saw - and nice clothes. (There is the urban hipster lumberjack chic, but really, that was so last year.)


From web to real: Amazon to open 400 bookstores

Amazon and other etailers are opening up physical stores, partly to engage customers, and also, to handle physical merchandize returns.

Trunk Club is a venture capital start-up that aimed at rede­fining how men shop for clothes - which is somewhat reluctantly. Here's their spin:

Providing each member their own personal stylist, Trunk Club o­ffers a customizable, guided experience that helps men look great. Trunk Club members communicate size, style and fit preferences to their stylist, who then handpicks a tailored selection of clothes according to the member’s input. Members keep what they love, and send the rest back at no charge.

There's a practical side to this: retail fixtures for the real stores that Trunk Club (and other online merchants like Amazon) are opening. These lean heavily to reclaimed wood and dark tavern furnishings. And beer taps. Along with nationwide "trunk" (actually a cardboard box) shipments, members can also shop in-person at one of Trunk Club’s five brick and mortar clubhouses across the country. Trunk Club is headquartered in Chicago, and has clubhouses in New York, Dallas, Washington D.C. and Los Angeles.

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