Milwaukee's new product symposium 2016
There is a concept felt by people who own a shop, be it wood, metal, auto, etc., be it in your garage, a small commercial space, or a giant production facility: it is called shop envy. I am sure you are all familiar with it. No matter how much you love your space, you always come across someone with more tools, better layout, more space, always something more.
Milwaukee feels no shop envy. 
Picture a place that when you need more space, you build new buildings; they are doing that. Picture a space where you have all the tools you could ever imagine at your fingertips; they have that. Picture a space where you have all the tools you need to build brand new tools that you can't even imagine yet; they do that too. Picture hundreds of people all going about their day only thinking about how to make these not yet imagined tools; they are that. 
I was pretty blown away with the amount of tools and innovations the Milwaukee team put out last year. This year looks to be even better.

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