Elmwood Reclaimed Timber Inc. of Kansas City manufactures high-quality reclaimed wood products which adhere to strict environmental standards.
Elmwood product, including wide plank flooring, countertops, beams and cabinet lumber, has been made using wood salvaged from sustainable sources. Brent Kroh, VP sales, gives a guided tour of the operation, which employs some of the newest technology to salvage the oldest wood.
"Our unique process combined with the highest quality people, facilities and milling equipment make a serious difference," Kroh says. 
  • Wood is received from supplier, then recounted and put into an inventory system. Each wood piece has unique barcode attached.
  • All metals are then removed from wood.
  • Wood is then transported to a resaw station where it is cut by bandsaws to desired thickness.
  • Once cut, wood is stacked with stickers in between each piece.
  • Wood is then kiln-dried to a 6-9 percent moisture level, and heated to 150 degrees - killing any dormant insects.

  • Wood is then moved to a finish milling area, planed to desired thickness, and cut to appropriate widths. It is then stacked and sorted by width, species and grain.
  • Planks are then run through a moulder cell, which surfaces the plank and gets it ready to be a finished product. Defects on each plank are applied with a clear crown. The optical saw reads crown marks and cuts material appropriately. Material is then bundled into manageable bundles and stacked and strapped onto a pallet. The wood is ready to ship.

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