Owen Duggan produces unique LED lights in his studio in France. This is his take on his work.
This is the result of me being alone in my workshop for hours with a block of wood and a mallet and chisel! 
This really is very unusual and totally unique, perfect for anyone who really loves the look, feel and texture of real solid wood, and that's exactly what it is - a single solid block of this beautiful exotic wood 'Niangon.' Niangon grows in the West African coastal forests from Sierra Leone through Liberia and the Ivory Coast to Ghana. A closely allied species occurs in Gaboon and it is shipped under the same name.
I have put these grooves and channels in the wood to give it a real unusual 3d chunky look and feel - you just can't help but touch it!
around the whole block i have embedded some LED strip lights that are only really visible if you look from the side angles, other wise all you see is the wood.
With the lights being all the way around the edge this is a perfect light to light up and make a feature of any wall.
with this one i have used 'warm white' LEDs, but I can also use 'cool white/day light' or even colour changing LEDs.
I have actually managed to incorporate the power supply for the LEDs inside the block itself, so all this needs is any mains power supply (110v-240v, so any country), it has a simply hanging bracket on the back so is ready to hang.
The wood has been finished with a subtle clear lacquer and nothing else. The design of this is 'Random' so no 2 will ever be the same. The size of this one is approx 200mm high x 150mm wide, and 50mm deep. www.uniquelighting.com
 Duggan and his shop dog

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