EcoVet Furniture converts used Sams Club and Wal-Mart semi trucks and trailer beds into industrial-style business furniture. It is sold online at Sam's Club and Amazon. Based in the town of Rogers, in Northwest Arkansas, EcoVet is a Veteran transition company.

We specialize in reverse logistics and end life product management, helping give new life to old products and materials. Our team of Veterans design and build handcrafted furniture using wood reclaimed from decommissioned semi trailers.

The solid oak and maple planks are rich with character reflecting the many miles traveled delivering goods to consumers. Not only is it 100% sustainable and unique, each purchase goes directly to support the Veterans at EcoVet on their journey to success

Our manufacturing process begins with reclaimed materials. For many of our products, we disassemble decommissioned semi-trailers and reclaim many of the materials that go into our products. The wood flooring and parts of the metal structure are used in the design and production of our handcrafted products. We are always looking for new ways to use reclaimed materials and developing new designs and beautiful, innovative products.

We are proud to hire America's Veterans. We understand that the transition from armed forces to civilian life can sometimes be tough. We welcome the opportunity to employ hard-working American heroes. Over 70% of our workforce has served in the American Armed Forces. We value their service and sacrifice and are dedicated to offering them the chance to create beautiful products and to learn new metal and wood working skills.

EcoVet Furniture plans to expand on the success it is experiencing and open up operations in more locations over the next few years. EcoVet has also developed some consumer furniture, furnishing a sales model home in nearby Bentonville, and working on a line for Macy's. The main goal of the company is and always will be to create jobs for Military Veterans, this will give EcoVet an opportunity to impact the lives of returning Veterans all over the United States. EcoVet’s plan is to locate near the major transportation hubs so that they can be close to the nation’s supplies of decommissioned trailers, which is the source of EcoVet’s reclaimed wood.


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