A yoga teacher from Gallatin, Tennessee has completely transformed a Victorian dollhouse into a contemporary miniature home.

Dollhouse hobbyist Michele Volonino began her project last spring by picking up a $45 fixer-upper dollhouse. She sawed a load-bearing wall to open the kitchen to the dining room. She then installed dark wooden flooring, and reinforced it with matching wooden beams. She also added mini-custom-made furniture in the dining room and bedroom.

“Most dollhouses are stuck in that Victorian age,” Volonino, told the Wall Street Journal. “The only way to get the house I want is to bash one.”

Volonino and many other dollhouse enthusiasts refer to this structural renovation as “bashing”. Many enthusiasts tired of the traditional old-fashioned look and build dollhouses have had for decades. Those who prefer contemporary styles are buying old houses and bashing them.

Their contemporary remodels evoke open floor plans, high ceilings, dine-in kitchens, and big living rooms. 

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