French manufacturer Newron Motors' high-end electric motorcycle has a unique feature: A body fashioned almost entirely from wood.
Available in a choice of ebony, oak, red cedar, and white ash, the $67,000 "steampunk" motorcycle is fully customizable - allowing customers to opt for footrests, a passenger seat, and other specs.
Newron is partnering with French software firm Dassault Systems and is planning to build 12 bikes in 2020. It is now available to preorder.
Its lithion-ion battery can be fully charged in as little as 40 minutes. The bike is capable of going from zero to 60 miles per hour in three seconds with a top speed of 136 mph. 
The bike is highly intelligent - allowing riders to input their destination and the motorcycle will use power most efficiently to get them there. If the battery gets low mid-route, the bike's intelligence will assist in throttling back - helping complete the intended route. An accompanying app allows drivers to check battery level and other settings.
The bike is designed with speed and sustainability in mind. Wheels feature ultra-light carbon rims for increased agility. Its fully charged battery can last for around 186 miles in the city and 136 highway miles.
It will be available beginning in 2021.

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