Here is the big question, am I allowed to review Milwaukee’s new heated outerwear and not actually talk about how well it heats you?
I think this is where I type ‘spoiler alert,’ because that is exactly what I am going to do here. Truth be told, I am not a fan of ‘heated’ anything. I do not enjoy it in blankets, I do not enjoy it in cars, so (and here is where I may lose a little creditability) I have never actually plugged the gear in…
You, playing the role of the critical reader, may be saying to yourself, “What am I doing reading this?” So I will get to my point quickly. Even though I am not excited for the advertised use, heating, I am excited for its second use, shop clothing.
The batteries that run its tools heat the Milwaukee gear. Unless you unplug them.
For my company I wear two hats; shop worker and public face. If I could find a way to schedule different days for all my meetings and all the days I am banging, cutting, and sanding in the shop it would be easy. But more often than not I have to split my days and showing up to a luxury high-rise caked in sawdust or a shirt covered in glue wipe offs is not an option.
Now I like a backstage wardrobe change just as much as the next woodworker…but sometimes either the time or the clothes are not there and I have to meet with clients in shop gear. This is where the Milwaukee M12 heated gear comes to the rescue. There is a simple way to describe them, “they are very good looking articles of clothing”. Able to be used in the shop or job site all day, get a quick brush off, and then look presentable in any non work environment.
If I seem impressed, that is because I am. Most work gear I have seen is bulky or emblazoned with logos or mismatched with colors. This M12 gear fits well, is discreet with its brand markings, and (even without plugging in the heated part) warm. I have even worn it on days where I don't work at all as ‘regular clothing’, something I can never say for older workwear gear. 
Milwaukee prides itself on being innovative in all aspects of what they make. Congratulations, they can now add fashionable to that list.

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