'The Colosseum' Coffee Table
February 7, 2016 | 4:28 pm CST

The initial concept of this exclusively, unique and impressive modern design of the table is to have a series of carved rings forming a set of bleachers that simulates a stadium or arena. Hence the name of the table "The Colosseum."

Manufactured using a reconstituted handmade dyed Macassar Ebony Veneer sheet, laid on both sides of an 3/4" MDF panel for the main block, and the base manufactured with a Wenge PVC Thermo Foil fused on a 3/4" MDF panel too. The table was made with symmetry to give the impression of a unique solid block.


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Jen Woodhouse makes her version of this industrial cart and shares the design plan. 

Each of the 16 steps, both vertical and horizontal, conform the central detail and were cut and bonded by hand one by one in different stages onto a series of four staggered concentric pieces of 1 1/2" MDF and then each step was carefully trimmed and smoothly sanded. Each section of the horizontal concentric shapes were made with another sheet of veneer to obtain as possible a continuous synchronization of wood grain lines, a characteristic look when you make any carved figure on a solid block of this kind of wood.

These steps keeps the same wood grain direction. The finish with a clear matte lacquer give a more elegant and discreet look to the table. The central portion feature a multi-color LED strip lights with up to 20 interchangeable colors that illuminates the bleachers. A 1/4" clear glass is on the top to protect the surface. Designed & Manufactured in USA by David Bondy

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