So far during my tenure in the custom closet industry, I have noticed a pattern for the products offered by a company. Some companies may only provide wall-mounted closet systems, whereas others might offer floor-based instead. Then you have those that offer both. 
The narrowing window of specialization is most readily apparent when it comes to embellishments or even products outside of the closet. I have had countless discussions with closet company owners, and I have found that many will flat out confess things such as “we don’t offer crown moulding,” or, “we did a Murphy bed once, but never again!”
As an industry, we have seen an explosion of growth in other areas of the home, beyond the closet, where your product can be offered:
  • Garages
  • Home offices
  • Mudrooms
  • Laundry rooms
  • Wall beds
  • Wine cellars
So with all of this often-untouched revenue, why do some companies still not offer these products? Is it a fear of the unknown? Perhaps they had a bad experience trying to venture out in the past and it proved more difficult than the return. Whatever the reason may be, this leaves only a few options: Do you shy away from a massive area of potential revenue, or do you dive headlong into the unknown and overcome these challenges? 
If you choose to overcome, remember the ACSP is here to help! Helping member companies succeed and providing them with the education and expertise to do so is our main focus. Giving our members the ability to reach out and discuss a product with someone who has done it themselves will open up countless doors not only for better products and services but new revenue as well. Most importantly, it helps all of us in our industry succeed. Let the ACSP help you and your company. 
We hope you will join us for our full day education sessions at the 2019 Cabinets & Closets Conference & Expo, which returns to Charlotte, North Carolina, March 6-8.

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