Woodworkers: It's All About That Base...Moulding
June 12, 2015 | 9:00 am CDT
Designed by Closet Organizing Systems, Bartlett, I:

Photo By Closet Organizing Systems

Designed by Closet Organizing Systems, Bartlett, IL

It starts with an unhappy client.

They bring up an issue. They see room for improvement. You learn from it.

And the latest thing that was brought to my attention was an issue about the panels of a closet system not being “even” and “closer to the floor” across the system. Much thanks to the awesome Steve Ruffino, the installer, who took the time to have a great conversation with me about base moldings

If you’ve designed or installed many closets, you know that you have to make sure the system is level. And a level system with an unlevel floor equals a system that has gaps at the floor (unless you have really plush carpeting)..

“In highrise buildings, the supporting columns and floors are actually poured so they will slope a bit. This means that even in the newest of construction sites, you won’t have a level floor. And in vintages homes or buildings, the age alone contributes to sloping and sagging” says Bill Curran, owner of Closet Organizing Systems, Bartlett, IL.

And that’s when it becomes “all about that base”.

Designed by Closet Organizing Systems, Bartlett, IL

Because adding base moulding and/or adding base moulding with a shoe moulding camouflages the problem and makes the closet look more beautiful.

It also adds to the price.

Don’t be afraid of that. If you know the end result will be better with the additional investment, share that with the client and make your case. If someone is investing in a floor based closet, they are past the total economy stage and into the aesthetic stage.  

We tend to think the client wants the best possible deal. They want as much as they can get for as little of a dollar investment as possible.

And while this is true sometimes, it’s not true all of the time. It depends upon the client.

So don’t short change yourself. And don’t short change the client.

When designing a floor-based system, particularly one that’s being installed on wood or tile flooring, you need to recommend base moulding.

And if you’re the business owner, you need to encourage your designers to add base moulding and teach them about the features and benefits, how it’s installed and why it makes the closet so much better. Remove the utility focus and sing the praises of how it’s “All About That Base”. And thank you Meghan Trainor. The song itself drives me bonkers, but it’s working quite well for a teaching point in closet design.

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