EAST LANSING, Mich. - Revel Custom Wine Cellars says its two new wine racking systems - the Designer Series and the Revel-ution Series - embrace modern styling and materials while maintaining extreme ease of uss and bottle visibility for which its brand is known. The new materials and efficient designs connect with the current trend of placing wine displays in unconventional locations such as under the stairs, in a quaint alcove, a man cave or front and center in the kitchen.

"We listened to our clients who said they loved the original elements and functionality of our cellar cabinetry," says Jim Cash, Revel's founder. "But many of them were looking for a more contemporary aesthetic, using different combinations of glass, steel and wood." With these two product lines, we feel we are now in a position for the first time to respond to clients seeking traditional, contemporary styles, or anything in between.

Revel-ution Series

The "Designer Series" system is composed of independently rotating plates integrated on to a sturdy steel tower that securely holds wine bottles of varying sizes and shapes. These plates can be designed to hold 6 or 8 bottles each and can be stacked up to 20 shelves high. Identifying and accessing any bottle is effortless with a gentle spin of the plate. From shining chrome plating, to bamboo, to acrylic, the plates will be available in a variety of finish options and materials. From a cost perspective, the Designer Series generally comes with a lower price point than the traditional, custom-built wood cabinetry.

The "Revel-ution Series" embodies a similar concept, but with a slightly different appearance that suits both traditional and contemporary wine cellar designs.  This system features an engineered wood panel, appointed with stainless steel dowels on each side of the panel, with each row able to hold 3 or 4 bottles. The panels can either be stationary rotate up to 360˚.  Pictures of the Revel-ution Series can be viewed at http://revelcellars.com/gallery/contemporary-style/

The new components extend Revel's product portfolio by adding a new form of wine storage, while maintaining the original Revel "DNA."  Maximizing bottle count within a limited space makes these designs not only relevant for the personal collector, but also advantageous in hospitality and restaurant applications.

Revel Cellars is known for its patented, proprietary design concepts that allow the wine bottles and their labels to be showcased as opposed to traditional racking systems which conceal everything but the neck and cork end of the bottle. www.revelcellars.com.

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