Tiny House Nation TV Captures Trend To Tighten Living Spaces
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NEW YORK – FYI Network's new series, Tiny House Nation, challenges woodworkers to get maximum yield - not just from materials, but from square footage as well.

Premiering on July 7, the show will feature the design and construction of miniature living spaces no larger than 300 square feet. 

A growing movement in modern home construction, tiny houses pair upscale and innovative design with minimalist living. In order to utilize every square inch of the micro-spaces, builders have integrated multi-functional cabinetry designs such as stow-away beds in custom cabinet systems.

"From high price to low cost, this is not your normal design show, but one that proves size doesn't always matter - it's creativity that counts," says Jana Bennett, president of FYI Network.

In each installment, tiny house builders John Weisbarth and Zach Giffin will work with a family to design and construct a new mini-home. While traveling across the country, the team will look into the creative design behind elaborate tiny houses including micro-apartments in Manhattan and tiny row homes in Savannah, GA. 

The show arrives as part of the inital lineup for A+E Networks' new FYI Network, which aims to offer "thought-provoking and inspirational lifestyle content" with programs such as "Renovation Row," which places two remodeling teams in competition to renovate identical homes in urban spaces.

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