If you are looking for tips on the latest design and storage trends, then you should attend the 2019 AWFS Closets Symposium to be held July 16 at the Las Vegas Convention Center.
In  a session titled “Storage and Design Trends Across the Home” a panel of industry experts – Tom Happ, president of Closet Works and Wendy Scott and Patty Miller, Boutique Closets & Cabinetry – will discuss hot topics from wardrobe closets, LED lighting, leather accessories and multi-functional rooms to built-ins, wine storage and more. 
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Tom Happ is President of Closet Works based out of Elmhurst, IL which for the past 32 years serves the Chicagoland area with customized Closet and Storage Solutions.
With a team of over 100 staff, each Solution is Designed, Fabricated and Installed to optimize the storage for every room within the home.

Symposium schedule

9 a.m.  Storage Designs & Trends for the Home– Moderated by Michaelle Bradford. Panelists: Tom Happ, president of Closet Works; Wendy Scott and Patty Miller, Boutique Closets & Cabinetry
10 a.m.  Lighting: Trends & Opportunities – Greg Price, Hardware Resources and founder of Gap Supply
11 a.m.  How to Close the Sale and Increase Profits -- Eric Marshall, Kitchen and Closets by DEA Remodeling
 Noon – Lunch
1 p.m.  How to work with Interior Designers, Builders and Get in Model Homes:  Learn how to collaborate with interior designers and builders and how to get your products into model homes  -- Patty Miller, Boutique Closets and Cabinetry.
2 p.m.  Simple Solutions to Typical Design Challenges -- ACSP President Wendy Scott, Boutique Closets and Cabinetry
3 p.m.  How to Set Up a Closet Manufacturing Shop -- Thomas Laville, Laville Closets
4 p.m.  – 5 p.m.  Research: Closets & Organized Storage 2019 State of the Industry – Laurel Didier, Publisher of Closets & Organized Storage

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