Singaporean socialite Jamie Chua houses her expensive collection of clothes, shoes, and purses in a 700-square-foot custom closet, which requires fingerprint access.
Chua says that when she renovated the closet space she met with a designer to discuss what "feel" she wanted. She also noted that her number one objective was to increase the storage capacity, so a filing cabinet system with 10 different doors was used to maximize space. Each door has one long door handle and several doors have glass inserts that frame the belongings like art, Chua says. The cabinets feature simple hanging rods with double hang or single hang along with shelving or custom drawers that have glass inserts on the front. 
Chua has a collection of more than 200 Hermes purses and 300 pairs of shoes encased in glass cabinets on glass shelving. The goal of the design was for her to be able to see everything, she says.

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