In a city like New York where every inch of space is premium, new luxury condo developments are upping the size of walk-in closets and even adding windowed dressing rooms, much to the delight of high-end buyers.

According to a recent New York Times article, "master bedroom walk-in closets in top new apartments are nearly 30 percent larger than they were in the last development cycle, before the financial crisis of 2008, while the overall size of those apartments has grown by only about 10 percent."

While the larger closet space often comes at the expense of bedroom size - most developers are making them smaller - the opportunity to have more personalized storage is an added attraction for many buyers. Also, this trend towards larger walk-in closets is a boon for New York custom closet manufacturing and design firms like transFORM and Clos-ette who often get the call to design and/or manufacture the organizing systems and put the finishing touches on the walk-in closets and dressing rooms.


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