You probably got an email from Houzz with the results from their latest research study a few days ago.
And there’s a good chance you scrolled right by it because you didn’t have time to read through things.
Well guess what! It’s your lucky day.
Richie DeMarco and I have distilled the most important points for you.  You can take in the info by reading it below or by clicking on this link to the recording we did.

#1 Fifty Percent of Houzz users are planning on doing some kind of home renovation. 

That means that half of the Houzz audience is active. It’s not saying that that entire audience is going to be looking for the exact kind of renovation that you do, but it’s a huge group of targeted potential clients.
By comparison, are fifty percent of the people you send your mailers to actually looking at them? Do fifty percent of the people who Yellow Pages say they are reaching actually view your yellow page ad? Probably not.

#2 Pay Attention to Millennials

Millenials are now homeowners. They are no longer this group of  “youngsters who are always on their phones”. According to the Houzz study, they are doing renovations at the same rate as other groups surveyed. They are not only lifetime customers, but have parents who may need your help. Ignoring this segment isn’t savvy.

#3 Boomers want to 'Age in Place' but most homes don’t accommodate this...

Baby Boomers are a strong minded segment that want to do everything better and longer than their predecessors. But their homes don’t meet this need. If you’re not familiar with Universal Design, search out some design partners who are and come up with ways to offer guidance on how you can help this group.
Want a more fun way to get this info? Watch our short recorded interview that addresses these three important issues:

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