Hangers Direct has developed a new program offering closet companies additional avenues to add to their revenue streams.
As most companies know, accessory upgrades can greatly improve the profit margin on a closet project whether the client chooses valet rods or drawer inserts. However, the hanger, probably the most common accessory in a closet, is not typically sold by closet companies. Hangers Direct’s new program is a way to offer a closet company’s clients a discount on this popular item as well as add extra revenue for the firm.

Here’s how it works:

Option 1: Commissioned Sales
•Closet company is assigned a unique promo code.
•Hard copies of flyers are mailed with the unique promo code printed on them for distribution to customers.
•Customer places an order through www.hangers.com and will receive 15% off when using the promo code at checkout.
•Ordered hangers are shipped direct to the customer (end user) and then a commission check is sent to the closet company at the end of the quarter for every order placed on www.hangers.com with their unique promo code.
Option 2: Promotion
•Promotional items sold direct to the closet company.
•Branding is available on a variety of products that can be used however the closet company prefers.
•The company’s logo or any design can be printed or laser engraved on the hangers.
Option 3: Wholesale
•Wholesale hangers are available to closet companies.
Learn more at hangersdirect.com.

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