As Americans sat home staring at the same four walls, many began to realize that this situation is not going to reverse itself overnight. The global pandemic is leading to a dynamic home remodeling boom. Households that have not suffered job losses while cutting back dramatically on expenses means funds left over. When your home becomes the most important place in your life, this trend is not surprising.  
Diversification and adaptation are a couple of words that come to mind when describing design for the year so far. How does this translate into the wonderful world of closets? How are you adapting to the new ways of doing business? How are you diversifying your offerings to work with your client’s varied needs? 


  • Home offices with Murphy beds
  • Kids’ study centers
  • Garages or basements that double as home gyms
  • Pantries geared towards bulk storage
  • Residential “flex space” for multi-generational households
  • Upgrading or modernizing older projects: “closet refresh”


  • Designer virtual consultations
  • Vetting potential clients with design consult fees
  • Masked appointments
  • Daily temperature checks
  • Limited employees for manufacturing
  • PPPs and PPEs
  • Project Delays
  • Material and accessory delays
Designing spaces that work for today, with the flexibility to change for tomorrow, used to be a closets only issue. Now, as young children are using virtual learning, they need a structured space that can be monitored. As they grow out of the space, it needs to have options for adjustment to work as a craft room or alternate use (i.e. home office). Working from home for longer hours may require a need for a “sit to stand” option. Form over function comes to the forefront when planning for what your audience on a Zoom call will see behind your client. 
Design is all about creating solutions for people to address a problem or a need.  Anyone can “build” a closet; it is the “design” aspect that sets us apart as an industry. This is most relevant now more than ever. 
“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like.  Design is how it works.”  - Steve Jobs

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