With so much change and growth in our industry, we want to make sure our members are poised to not only take advantage of emerging trends, but are also informed on relevant news and regulations that are pertinent to our day-to-day operations. With that in mind, we are committed to strengthening our educational programs through standardizing and promoting designer certification, webinars and member communications.
After the positive reception of our certification program at the recent closet expo, we continue to see it generate interest and gain momentum. Our members are finding that having certified designers can give them an edge up on their competition. Closet Works in Chicago has lead the way, with the first-ever, in-house ACSP certification for their designers. More information can be found here: closets.org/acsp-certification.
Our webinar program is helping to keep a high level of engagement with our members throughout the year. The success of this program is due largely in part to board member Shaun Oriold, who has volunteered to lead the charge and to ensure the content includes all aspects of your business.
On the regulation front, we are presently working to obtain EPA clarification on the TSCA Title VI rule, which would require and regulate the labeling of all finished products. As this could potentially go into effect before the end of the year, we are diligently pursuing the details to present to you as quickly as possible. Please be on the lookout for more information.
Education is a primary goal of this organization and we welcome your feedback and suggestions on what areas you’d like to see us cover. Be it a webinar, a newsletter or a breakout at our annual conference, we have many means to deliver what is most relevant to you, our membership. We’d love to hear from you! 

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