7 tips to ignite your Internet celebrity
By Mike Foti
September 18, 2017 | 11:17 am CDT
Caution – if you are allergic to hard work do not read this article.
I got this email at 5:53 AM.
“I have been reading several of your articles with interest. Do you have any suggestions as to how I might find the right supplier/installer to get my job done? Thank you, Mike – a fan in N.C.” – Shirley. 
I said to myself I’m going to blow Shirley’s mind. I immediately email her back. Shirley, thanks for the nice comment about the articles. I’d be glad to help you. If you’d like, call me on the cell below or give me your number, I’ll call you.
I’m not a celebrity – and I certainly don’t play one on TV. I’m a regular dude – just ask my kids and wife and they’ll tell you how wacky I am. But to Shirley – I am an internet celebrity. No, I’m not going to rival Kim Kardashian any time soon (or should I say EVER). I have no need to disguise myself while grocery shopping with my daughter – but in my product niche Shirley saw me as The Man. How cool (and profitable for my business) is that?
What’s really neat is in today’s day and age of “self -publishing” (AKA blogging) and digital marketing anyone can become an Internet celebrity in their niche IF (and I do mean if) they are willing to roll up their sleeves to make it happen. I’m going to share with you 7 sure fire tips to ignite the Internet celebrity in you.
Tip 1 – Have crazy discipline 
If you want to spin out cool content people actually read you must do it consistently. Whether this is once a week, twice a month – whatever. You have to make a schedule and stick to it. Nobody will be watching over your shoulder to make sure you write. I write on 2 blogs each week. With my News from the Block remodeling blog I write on Saturday’s at 4:30 AM (and do the laundry in at the same time – my wife Rose loves that). With my Professionally Organized home organization blog I write on Tuesdays. It’s a disciplined process which sometimes sucks.
Tip 2 – Don’t pretend you’re Trump (name your favorite or unfavorite politician or celebrity here). Promote your stuff on social media
When Trump tweets (whether you like him or not) people are watching and responding. We are just some dudes or dudesses (not really a word but I’m going with it) writing about closet and garage organization systems – not the President of the United States. We have to build our “celebrity” by growing our social media following and pushing articles out there. 
After you write your blog post, spend the same amount of time promoting it on the top social networks your customers are on. I have found Pinterest, Houzz and LinkedIn have worked well for us. I’m still not sure why but Facebook isn’t doing it for us. I do promote on Twitter and get some traffic – but not many leads (but I love Twitter as a learning network anyway).
Tip 3 – Use some email “magnetism” to build a consistent “fan” base
You are I are in the project business. People “kick the tires” on doing a closet or garage organization project. However, sometimes life (or a car repair or educational expenses) get in the way. We need to stay in front of our prospects consistently so they remember to call us when they are ready. This is where email is HUGE!  
When people click on an article – or one of your web pages – do you give them something for free so you can continue to influence (‘er this would also be called market) to them? This is where “lead magnets” (as the digital marketing people call them) come in – A.K.A. the pop up window. You may not like pop ups – but they will grow your email list. I use our email list to send out my articles every week. I may be the only guy in the remodeling or home organization design and installation business who emails his list every week with content. My goal is for people to read my stuff through email, like what we teach and remember to call us when they are ready to do the job.  
Tip 4 – Become a reporter – tell OPS (Other Peoples’ Stories) and go “mini-viral 
If you want to go “mini-viral” (I’m not sure going big-time viral is possible in our small niche) here’s an idea. After you’ve done a cool job ask your customer if you can come out, take pictures and write about their job.
When the post is done send it to them and ask your customers to share it with friends on social media. When they do this they are “bragging” about your work – you’re not bragging about you! How cool is that? This is a way to go “mini-viral” and grow referrals.
Tip 5 – Occasionally share YOU – a bit about your life and your heart 
Effective blogging is not like writing a term paper in college where you have to worry about the grammar Nazi picking apart your use of conjugations, adjectives and verbs (I still don’t know squat about that stuff – and don’t care to either). Blogging is about educating your prospects and customers (first and foremost) –from your personal point of view.
People want (and need) to hear your spin on your business topic – but also on life as well.
Spin into your articles personal (but not too personal) stuff. On occasional I will go “reflective” (as I like to call it) sharing things in my life which aren’t related to my business. I have written 2 articles about my heart attack a year and a half ago. I have blogged about finding passion and inspiration in life. None of this has anything to do with home organization or remodeling. What it does is build a personal connection with my customers and prospects who are on my email list. They get to not only know my products – but also get to know me. 
People do business with those they know, trust and feel a connection with.  
Tip 6 – Don’t expect super results if you don’t use superlatives and respect people’s time 
Which article title would you be more likely to click on: 
Title A- Why you need to start blogging
Title B - 7 sure-fire tips to ignite your Internet celebrity – How to blog for business results
I hope you chose title B – or I look a little foolish here (ha! ha!).
Blogging in one word is “edutainment.” It’s education and entertainment combined. Who wants to invest one second of time reading boring stuff? You and I are too busy trying to keep up with life to waste time. To get people reading your blog posts you must capture their eye (like any type of publication tries to do). Give them the information in bite-sized chunks so they can scan the article and read sections which interest them (that’s why I love numbered list articles). Add pretty pictures. These pictures come in handy when you promote your article on social media like we discussed in tip 2.
Tip 7 – When the student is ready the teacher appears is B.S. Actively find content and people to help jump-start your blog 
You’re heard the saying “when the student is ready the teacher appears.” I think this is a pile of crap when it comes to getting help in business (or getting your blog off the ground). Unless someone is paid to be a teacher, or has excess time on their hands, they are busy trying to keep up with their own lives. If you’re looking for help starting or growing a blog seek out people (or companies) who’ve been down the road. Read articles about blogging like your life depends on it. Don’t wait for learning opportunities to magically arrive on your doorstep, knock down the learning door yourself.
Conclusion – How can I help you? How can you help me? 
I hope these 7 tips help you become the Internet celebrity you’d like to be in your niche. While I’m not a blogging consultant – I’m into this stuff and would love to help you. Call my cell at 216-310-1074 or visit my company at www.innovatehomeorg.com if you’d like to connect with me. 

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