Closets & Organized Storage January/February 2019

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Final clarity for the EPA Formaldehyde Regulation

This month the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) issued a series of proposed technical amendments to the TSCA Title VI Formaldehyde Emissions Standards for Composite Wood Products rule.  These proposed amendments, when finalized, will ensure greater alignment with the existing California Air Resources Board formaldehyde regulation’s (CARB 2) certification and testing procedures and, in some instances, provide greater clarity on the application of requirements.  This is good news for composite wood panel manufacturers and companies that use the panels to make components and finished goo
By Jackson Morrill, CPA president

How to use social media to market home and building products

The home and building products industry is filled with innovative products and brands aimed at everyone from middle-class consumers in suburbia, to the influential and powerful movers and shakers of the architecture and design world. Some of these brands and products are about as niche as niche gets. And on top of that, marketers are tasked with executing social media strategies for companies and organizations that have extremely narrow and hard-to-reach audiences.
By Amanda Eden, Stoner Bunting Advertising