Plywood Purchases Prompted by Hurricane SandyNORTHEAST -- The rush on plywood supplies in preparation for Hurricane Sandy may have an impact on its availability and price for the region as homeowners in the hardest hit areas look to recover and remodel damaged basements and homes after the storm.

With the superstorm on track to hit New Jersey and surrounding areas late Monday night, CoreLogic, a provider of information, analytics and business services, released a report estimating 284,000 Mid-Atlantic homes are at risk for property damage valued at $87 billion.

“This is a large, slow-moving, persistent and dangerous storm. Its impacts are going to be far-reaching and no doubt very costly," said Dr. Howard Botts, vice president and director of database development for CoreLogic Spatial Solutions."Sandy could pose an enormous threat to major metropolitan areas in the Northeast, from Virginia Beach and Washington, D.C. to New York City and Boston.”



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