LOVELAND, OH - Countertop fabricator Pro-Lam, Inc. (PLI) has acquired a 40,000-square-foot headquarters and production facility outside Milford, and plans to expand under a new contract with Lowe's.

PLI has expanded its contract with Lowe's to produce countertops, reports  The Cincinnati Business Journal, and as a result it expects its revenues in 2013 from the home improvement chains regional stores. It currently handles 28 stores; more will be added, resulting in the growth.

PLI employs 50 now; another 25 employees will be added in 2013, says the Journal.

Pro-Lam, Inc., also known as the PLI Group, is based in Loveland, OH. It uses state-of-the-art cutting equipment and design to fabricate custom granite and other solid surface tops; custom cabinets; pre-manufactured cabinets; interior trim and millwork; custom cutting/CNC milling and washroom accessories and toilet partitions.

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