GREENSBORO, NC - Cabinetry hardware manufacturer Blum's Apprenticeship 2000 program received the North Carolina Governor's Award for Excellence in Workplace Development for Innovative Partnership at the 2012 North Carolina Workforce Development Partnership Conference.

Apprenticeship 2000 was singled out for its collaboration between employers, secondary and post-secondary educational institutions, and the North Carolina Department of Labor.

Apprenticeship 2000 launched with two partnered companies in 1995, Blum and Daetwyler. Since then it has grown to include six additional partner companies: Ameritech Die & Mold, Chiron, Pfaff Molds, Timken, Sarstedt and Siemens.

The program has also evolved from the original trainer/trainee format to its current mentoring based curriculum. Since 1995, 116 students have successfully graduated and 49 apprentices are currently enrolled in the four year program.

The program also received the Wooden Globe Award at the 2012 Wood Industry Conference in May.

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