NEW YORK, NY Clothes hangers remain the bane of home organization, even for the millenial generation.

But these 24-and-underlings are taking action, and the results can be seen at Quirky, a website where crowd-sourced design and collaborative invention rules.

Quirky calls itself a consumer products invention site. Created by 25-year-old Ben Kauffman, Quirky product development start as ideas suggested by site visitors, then elaborated upone by other viewers. If enough viewers agree its a product with legs, then Quirky commits to manufacturer and distribute it.

Since the company launched in 2009, more than 90 products have been launched and sold online. Suggestions for hanger improvements are plentiful. Two have been launched.

The first hanger was Contour, first dreamed up by Tracie Beer. Its design allows dresses, halter tops, and asymmetrical shirts to hold their shape and stay wrinkle-free. Pants and accessories (ties and scarves) can rest on a horizontal bar to keep them easy to find and ready to wear.

December 13, the SOLO hanger was launched at Quirky - an easy-on, easy-off hanger one-handed collapsible hanger that makes it easy to hang and remove clothes in one swift motion, including  button-up shirts and turtlenecks, without stretching the neck of the garment.

SOLO is the 95th product designed and developed by the Quirky community originally proposed by Howard Tseng, from Vancouver, British Columbia. Improvements on the idea of SOLO were contributed by 328 influencers. SOLO is available in white or charcoal and is sold in a pack of four at $10.99 in the Quirky online store.

Anyone can participate on either by submitting their own product idea for $10; or by voting, rating, and influencing other people's product ideas. Thirty percent of sales goes back to the influencers.

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