Luxury kitchen interior with green walls and stone floor and water view.
Luxury kitchen interior with green walls and stone floor and water view.

The incorporation of 3-D Visualization gives more voice and choice to new home owners wanting to put the correct interior elements in place in order to transform their house into a home.

Designing a new home can be a highly complicated process. Being able to convert a home's interior into a comfortable living space can also be an exciting step for a new home owner. 

In order to create a space that feels like home, designers must transform a client’s idea into a physical reality. New technology has made this process easier than ever.

Ellie Design has started to incorporate 3-D visualization into the design process in an attempt to recreate a home owner’s vision of comfort.

The 3-D visualization allows the home owner to see what the interior of thier home will look like in order to ensure that they are completely satisfied with the end product and that they will be pleased with the design.

The ability to choose various aspects of a home including colors, fabrics, flooring, finishes, wall coverings and flooring, lighting and furniture is key in meeting the design goals of the home owner.

All these aspects are displayed in three-dimensional images so that the owner gets a real idea of how their interior will look like after the creative team completes the design.

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