South Beloit, IL - Powder coat wood manufacturer, GCC Coatings recently released a video tutorial and report on some of the options available for adding a graphic to powder coated parts. The video shows the process of applying an ink transfer to a powder coat part. A transfer can be applied to a part in less than five minutes and the process is less than 10 steps long.

“After you have the ink transfers and the supplies, applying the graphic to the part is fairly simple,” said GCC Coatings President Troy Greenberg. “I liked that this could be done fairly quickly in house.”

The write up delivers more information on ink transfers and four other printing options as well: screen printing, digital printing, domed labels, and vinyl signage and decals. GCC Coatings points out in the report that all of the options presented are viable given a particular situation.

“The best choice for any particular job will depend on a few different factors”, added Troy. “The volume of the job will play a pretty major role in how much any of the methods will cost.”

GCC Coatings is the child company of Greenberg Casework Company Inc. The South Beloit based manufacturer has been building custom casework and cabinetry since 1985. Custom made casework and cabinetry produced by Greenberg Casework Company can be found in schools, hospitals, retail stores, and large scale real estate developments across the country.

After spending a couple decades doing custom casework for commercial clients, Greenberg Casework Company expanded into selling to the consumer market. Its child company, RedLine Garagegear, provides custom built, powder coated garage cabinets to homeowners throughout the U.S. and Canada. RedLine sells its products through a network of dealers and also direct to the consumer in areas where no dealer is available.

Greenberg Casework Company created GCC Coatings when it was decided that the powder coating should be brought in house. GCC Coatings provides powder coating for sister company RedLine Garagegear and other manufacturers in need of a coating solution for wood. The company also provides powder coating with an antimicrobial additive. Aside from powder, GCC Coatings provides coating services for tabletop edges, countertops, and countertop edges.

“We’re proud to provide American made products and services to our clients and customers”, said Troy. “It’s great to be able to manufacture using American raw materials and provide jobs to the local community.”

GCC Coatings is offering its continued assistance by answering questions, accepting inquiries, and pointing clients in the right direction. If you would like more information about adding a graphic to powder coated wood contact GCC Coatings today by phone, email, or on the branding powder coated wood page.

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