Five decades of Vauth-Sagel and five materials in which the company is simply unbeatable: with regards to wire, steel, sheet metal, wood and plastic, the Vauth-Sagel Group is able to draw on know-how that is absolutely unique within the sector. Increasingly, the company is registering new customer orders based on precisely this manufacturing expertise. Vauth-Sagel will also continue to intensify this strategic focus in the future and is proving itself to be a diverse and versatile project partner with two stands at the special innovation of interior piazza within the context of the interzum 2013.

The Westphalian family-run company Vauth-Sagel has been embarking on a strategically-new path for around the past two years: instead of limiting the company to specific sectors, the system component manufacturer is presenting itself with its comprehensive wire, steel, sheet metal, wood and plastic competence in a very targeted manner. In so doing, it is effectively underlining just how excellently this expertise supplements itself in various cross-material projects. With this, Vauth-Sagel has not only opened itself up to new applications, but – above all – to further sectors.

“The interest in this new focus is considerable and the comprehensive reporting in various trade publications has generated tangible customer interest”, reports Claus Sagel, Managing Director of Vauth-Sagel. “We will be using our presence at the interzum to inform interested visitors of the benefits associated with our cross-material competence”, continues Claus Sagel. At the interzum, Vauth-Sagel will therefore not just be exhibiting at its more than 400-square-metre main stand in Hall 7, it will also be showcasing itself with two further trade fair stands within the innovation of interior (ioi) piazza.

Experience individuality at innovation of interior

The Vauth-Sagel Group will be exhibiting at two trade fair stands at the piazza “innovation of interior” (ioi). At the stand in hall 4.2, stand B069, students from the Technical University of Munich will be showcasing the results of a competition. Here, the students creatively focused on the topic of wire. Wire, Vauth-Sagel’s most quintessential competence, which is becoming increasingly attractive in furniture design and is being ever-more frequently used in modern living spaces. And the students’ challenge adhered to this development: the remit was to create new, useful products for day-to-day living made from wire and which absolutely comply with all the demands for function and modern design. The results will be unveiled throughout the interzum, with interested visitors having access to them on all four days of the trade fair and the students on standby to explain their creations themselves.

The second trade fair stand – E 079 at the piazza ioi – will be presenting the new premium ‘element.x’ programme from Mauser. The Vauth-Sagel subsidiary is not just a manufacturer of high-end office furniture and shelving systems, it is also a centre of competence for wood, steel and sheet metal processing within the group. For this reason, this trade fair stand will offer visitors insight into a further material competence of the group.

Material competence for addressing new target groups

Whether architect, interior designer or designer – the ioi target groups are very diverse. As is Vauth-Sagel’s development and material competence, which will be impressively presented at two additional trade fair stands at the interzum for the very first time. Both the competition with the Technical University of Munich and the new premium ‘element.x’ programme make it absolutely clear: Vauth-Sagel is willing and ready to break through material limitations with the objective of creating unique, customised ideas. “Maybe we will start the future of new projects and products at the interzum with which we will make the impossible possible”, reports a cheerful Claus Sagel.

Source: Vauth-Sagel

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