Making something good even better – this is probably the greatest challenge that any manufacturer has to face. Nevertheless, systems components manufacturer Vauth-Sagel has taken on this challenge and is premiering a completely updated version of the DSA side drawer.

Kitchen spaces do not always have ideal proportions to permit the installation of standard modules. This situation requires innovative storage space systems that sensibly support creative kitchen planning. A great example of this is the DSA side drawers from Vauth-Sagel. The appeal of the side drawer is in the detail. To this end, the DSA is available for carcass widths of between 150 and 300 mm, for instance, and can therefore provide even the smallest gaps in kitchen layouts with additional storage space. For example, as a solution with a towel rail, baking tray rack and baguette insert. Furthermore, the fitting is designed for total loads in excess of 20 kg.

Innovative perfection for base cabinet drawers

What Vauth-Sagel has now achieved with the proven and frequently used DSA has to be described as more than merely a ‘facelift’. The fitting design for base cabinet side drawers has been completely reengineered and is now available as a genuinely new product – both visually and technically.

Compared to its predecessor, the new system fitting – with its clear lines and closed surfaces – now retains merely a few constructional details from the old DSA. Moreover, the new DSA, with its modernised, harmonious overall look, perfectly complements contemporary kitchen architecture design.

Harmony in front of and behind doors

But it is not just the appearance that is convincing: the technology that Vauth-Sagel has included in the new DSA is groundbreaking. The fitting runs on a state-of-the-art guide system, which is integrated into the drawer area, hence the DSA’s running properties harmoniously complement the “tactile feedback” of the other movement elements in base cabinets within kitchens. Even the cushioning behaviour is absolutely identical, as it is integrated into the guide package itself. Regardless of whether the kitchen user opens a cutlery drawer, a base cabinet drawer or the new DSA – there is always a homogenous tactile feedback.

A further technical benefit of the new DSA is the tool-free assembly and disassembly of the fitting element onto the guide, which not only reduces the workload for fitters, it also supports cleaning of the cabinet interior. As a further option, Vauth-Sagel will in future be offering an “easy fit” front panel connection feature, which ensures tool-free mounting of the front panel to the frame.

The new DSA is available in the familiar Classic, Saphir, Premea, Premea Glassline and Premea Artline basket variants. The system fitting is particularly impressive when combined with the Premea Artline basket design. This model comes with side elements made from clear or Satinato glass as standard, hence picking up on modern kitchen trends. However, Premea Artline offers so much more: customers can choose bespoke colours and materials to create a very personalised overall look on the basis of the respective basket programme. In conjunction with the new linear shape of the DSA, there is now no rea son not to continue stylish kitchen design behind the doors as well.

Source: Vauth-Sagel

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