HILLSBOROUGH, NJ – Top Knobs and their sister company Hardware Resources launch “Rebuild New Jersey” a program to donate knobs, pulls, bath accessories, slides, hinges, etc. to non profit groups helping those impacted by Hurricane Sandy.

“New Jersey is our home, and thousands of families here have damaged homes from Hurricane Sandy and its aftermath,” states David Tyler, VP of Marketing for Top Knobs. “Low income families and the elderly are particularly hard-hit. Non-profit groups will be working to help them repair and rebuild. We want to help as well, and we are asking our showrooms and dealers nationwide to join us.”

Program Details:
If showrooms, dealers, etc. join Top Knobs/Hardware Resources to donate below, they will match that donation product for product, doubling each donation.

How to Donate:
1. On any Top Knobs or Hardware Resources order, add one of the product numbers below:

RebuildNJ10: $10 in knobs, pulls, hinges, slides, etc., matched by Top Knobs/Hardware Resources

RebuildNJ25: $25 in knobs, pulls, hinges, slides, etc., matched by Top Knobs/Hardware Resources

RebuildNJ50: $50 in knobs, pulls, hinges, slides, etc., matched by Top Knobs/Hardware Resources

RebuildNJ100: $100 in knobs, pulls, hinges, slides, etc., matched by Top Knobs/Hardware Resources

2. The companies will bill the trade for the amount above, and match that donation product for product

3. Donations will be accepted through November

What Happens Next:
In December, Top Knobs/Hardware Resources will send out a donation recap on the amount of product dollars donated and their match. They’ll start dispersing products as soon as the non-profits are ready, donating products that are most in need. Habitat For Humanity will be very active helping low-income families and the elderly rebuild, and they will identify additional non-profit groups in New Jersey helping low-income families and the elderly repair their homes.

“Thank you for helping Top Knobs and Hardware Resources rebuild New Jersey, Top Knobs’ home. The scale of the damage seems overwhelming, but we can do our part to help, and we greatly appreciate any donation you can make,” states Tyler.

About Top Knobs
Top Knobs specializes in fine decorative hardware for the kitchen and bath. Designers value Top Knobs for their exceptional craftsmanship and attention to fine architectural detail – which is immediately apparent in the weighted feel and in the character of each hand-finished creation. Every cabinet knob, door handle, pull, hook or fixture by Top Knobs offers a completely sealed finish that lasts for years and years, so there’s not wear on the drawer knobs and pulls which are opened most. That’s why Top Knobs confidently offers an exclusive lifetime warranty for the original purchaser. They have over 3,000 kitchen, bath and closet designs, to match nearly every individual style and décor. Quality, craftsmanship, longevity and selection – “with Top Knobs, you spend wisely, instead of spending more.”

800-499-9095 www.TopKnobs.com

About Hardware Resources
Hardware Resources is the fastest growing manufacturer of cabinet hardware in the United States. Founded in 1990, Hardware Resources is headquartered in Bossier City, Louisiana, with strategic warehouses across North America. Their diverse product lines include: decorative cabinet hardware, decorative carved wood products, functional cabinet hardware, kitchen islands and bath vanities. The unique focus of Hardware Resources is the customer. They believe in quality, integrity and reliability – upholding the highest standards of service and responsibility in the industry. www.hardwareresources.com

Hardware Resource family of brands include:

- Jeffrey Alexander Decorative Hardware, Bath Hardware, Vanities and Islands

- Elements Decorative Hardware, Bath Hardware, Vanities and Retail Packed Builder Hardware

- Hardware Resources Wood Products, Moulding, Cabinet Organizers, Drawer Boxes, Mitered Cabinet Doors and Functional Hardware


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