Tandembox Antaro by Blum
May 14, 2013 | 9:39 pm CDT
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Very much an allrounder! Tandembox antaro brings powerful function and beautiful design to bathrooms, too
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Tandembox antaro stands for a clear-cut design – either with a rectangular gallery or as an enclosed drawer or pull-out with design elements, for example, made of glass
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Tandembox antaro is not only suitable for use in kitchens. The programme line can be used throughout the home, for example, in living-rooms
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All components, e.g. drawer side and gallery are colour coordinated and underline the minimalist design of this programme line
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The diverse programme line even tidies up bedrooms and gives users full visibility of shirts, ties, etc.

To meet the latest developments in kitchen design and to offer customers a diverse programme of pull-outs, Austrian fittings manufacturer Blum has developed three different programme lines for its Tandembox box system: Tandembox plus, Tandembox antaro and Tandembox intivo. What’s more, Tandembox antaro can now also be combined with design elements of glass or other materials to produce an enclosed drawer or pull-out.

Tandembox antaro – the minimalist line

This programme line is characterised by a rectangular gallery and colour coordinated fittings components. Tandembox antaro is based on Blum’s tried and tested Tandembox cabinet profile. Basic components are the same for all three lines, making assembly fast and efficient. As far as colours and materials are concerned, Tandembox antaro comes in the same colours as those of Tandembox intivo, i.e. silk white, terra black, stainless steel and white aluminium (RAL9006). Design elements made of glass or other materials can be attached without tools, so an enclosed drawer or pull-out can be produced quickly and simply. This new option can be retrofitted later. For manufacturers, this means even more scope for design within the Tandembox programme.

All programme lines offer enhanced user ease

Box systems by Blum close softly and effortlessly with integrated soft-close Blumotion and excel in terms of feather-light glide. Full extensions give users full visibility and direct access to items in drawers and pull-outs. The diverse programme provides solutions to a wide range of applications and yet is simple to assemble and easy to adjust. For enhanced opening ease, simply add Servo-Drive by Blum. The electric opening system can be used with all three programme lines. Drawers and pull-outs equipped with Servo-Drive glide open at a single touch. The other option is Tip-On, Blum’s mechanical system for easy opening.

Source: Blum

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