FORT COLLINS, Colo. - Summit Cabinet Coatings of Fort Collins, Colorado just completed a major, commercial renovation on the Fort Collins Club that involved remodeling and refacing cabinets in the locker rooms. Although Summit Cabinet Coatings specializes in home kitchen remodel projects, the company is also available for commercial ventures, such as apartment complexes and hotels.

A representative from the Fort Collins Club says, "The Fort Collins Club is pleased with the outcome of our new and improved locker rooms! It's always a challenge going through renovations and changes. Summit Cabinet Coating did an outstanding job and completed our lockers in an efficient and productive manner, which allowed our Club to get back to business as usual."

Summit Cabinet Coatings performed the remodel the men's and women's locker rooms. The remodel began August 3 and finished August 27, 2012. Thanks to Fort Collins Club's and Summit Cabinet Coatings' superior planning, they only had to spend time refacing cabinets in one locker bay per room a week and the locker rooms could stay open for the majority of the remodel process. This and other steps took place to cut down on the cabinet refacing cost for Fort Collins Club.

The doors in the locker room were in rough condition from years of hard use and contact with wet towels and swimsuits, gym bags and padlocks. Summit Cabinet Coatings spent time repairing dozens of huge gouges and filling irregular grain on every door to achieve its standard satin smooth finish. All 630 doors went through the same cabinet resurfacing process.

The Club did a trial run before commissioning Summit Cabinet Coatings and placed a sample resurfaced door in a high traffic area with padlocks beating against it for three months. The test was meant to prevent unnecessary cabinet refacing cost for the Fort Collins Club, should the resurfaced doors not be able to handle commercial wear and tear. The finish passed the test with flying colors. If the finishes provided by Summit Cabinet Coatings can take a fitness club's level of abuse, they will certainly do well in a residence.

Summit Cabinet Coatings performs home and commercial projects including refacing cabinets, kitchen remodels and a myriad of other woodworking jobs. Their goal is to keep the projects as non-invasive as possible for home owners, as they can still use their kitchen while their team is at work. For commercial applications, this is especially important so that they may keep the cabinet refacing cost low.

Summit Cabinet Coatings is Fort Collins and northern Colorado's premier choice for kitchen remodels in all price ranges. For more information about Summit Cabinet Coatings, or to receive a bid on your commercial remodel or home cabinet refacing cost, visit or call (970) 282-9856.

Source: Summit Cabinet Coatings

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