MEDINA, Minn. - Rockler Woodworking and Hardware is proud to announce that they have met their Earth Day goal of raising enough money to plant 20,000 new hardwood trees. Rockler joined efforts with the Hardwood Forestry Fund as part of an Earth Day celebration and reforestation effort. Rockler pledged to donate the price of one tree for every purchase made from April 1 through April 22, up to a goal of 20,000 trees. Thanks to elevated customer participation, the goal was reached earlier than expected.

Rockler Reaches 20,000 Tree Earth Day GoalRockler has long been a supporter of reforestation efforts. Their partnership with the Hardwood Forestry Fund has grown in recent years. The 2012 Earth Day event was twice as ambitious as last year's, doubling the goal from 10,000 to 20,000 trees planted. "The event has been hugely successful and has received overwhelming customer support" said Scott Ekman, Vice President of Marketing at Rockler. "Hitting our goal tells us our customers really understand the importance of supporting organizations like the Hardwood Forestry Fund, and we in turn extend our support. We're happy to increase the awareness of this unique organization to woodworkers and those who appreciate woodworking throughout the country."

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Source: Rockler Woodworking and Hardware

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