South Beloit, IL- In the 1960s the garage literally became a part of a typical American home. The attached garage was introduced into residential architecture as cars became more popular and accessible to the masses. The structure was quickly adopted into the American dream: A suburban home, two car garage (or more), and cars to park in the garage.

For many what was once their dream has quickly become a nightmare. The garage is generally not equipped with the proper storage system needed to keep the area organized. As families grow and acquire more ‘stuff’ the area becomes the go to place for anything that can’t be fit into the house.

After months or even years of neglect the clutter can be quite overwhelming. That’s where RedLine Garagegear comes in. “We know that before our customers can even think about installing garage cabinets they have to clear the clutter that has piled up in the garage,” said RedLine Garagegear President Troy Greenberg. “Organizing a garage is a process and our Garage Organization Guide is set up to teach homeowners that process.”

While the email series focuses specifically on how to organize a garage the principles found there can be applied to other areas that may require attention. The company hopes that the email series will breed more informed customers. “Our goal is to equip our customers with the knowledge and information they need to make a great buying decision when the time comes,” added Bill Garrity, National Sales and Research Coordinator. “Ultimately we want to see every garage in America organized.”

RedLine Garagegear manufactures custom made garage cabinets and garage workbenches. The products produced by the company are made of powder coated wood. There are many benefits to applying powder on wood. One of the key features is that the powder provides a smooth and seamless finish that will maintain its look for a lifetime. The company prides itself on quality, attention to detail, and a product that is far superior to the big box store garage storage options.

Having been in the same position as many homeowners across the country, the folks at RedLine Garagegear know what needs to be done to organize the garage. “I know exactly what it is like to live with a messy garage,” said RedLine Garagegear President Troy Greenberg. “I was practically the first customer. The most important thing to know is that installing garage cabinets is only a part of the bigger process required for organizing the garage.”

Troy is confident that once educated on the proper process for organizing a garage, homeowners will not want to settle for a sub par garage storage system. Any homeowner who needs garage organization tips should sign up for the Garage Organization Guide email series. It is jam packed with good content and information. You will absolutely be ready to reclaim your garage after reading this series.

Greenberg Casework Company Inc. is the parent company of RedLine Garagegear and GCC Coatings. Greenberg Casework Company has been providing custom built casework and cabinetry for commercial projects, schools, hospitals, and point of purchase (POP) display designers since 1985. Greenberg Casework Company is the poster child for modern U.S. manufacturing.

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