LOS ANGELES - With spring home improvement and the busy summer moving seasons around the corner, NorthStar Moving (R) Company, the leading eco-luxury mover in California, has unveiled a new customized package with Let's Build It, Inc., to make the move into a new home one seamless step from renovation improvements to unpacking boxes.

For the first time, homeowners on the move can look to one source for their moving and remodeling needs. Through this new partnership with one of LA's top residential and commercial construction companies, NorthStar Moving ensures clients are not left searching high and low for a qualified contractor to make the desired improvements to a new home in addition to the stresses of settling in. Whether it's an update to a master bath, kitchen, or a completely new addition on a home, Let's Build It will handle the project from start to finish, before NorthStar Moving even unpacks a box in the shiny new space.

The new home improvement package has garnered a famed nickname and can be requested individually or combined with any of NorthStar Moving's luxury services to address a customer's specific moving needs:

The Bob Vila -- You won't be saying "oh This Old House" when you move into your new home, instead you will be thinking I must be on "Extreme Makeover". The 1970's orange kitchen or roman style bathroom that made you cringe before you made an offer, now lives up to the visions of your complete dream home, putting the skills of "Tim the Tool Man" to shame.

"In today's real estate market, many are seeking fixer uppers or are just having a hard time finding the home that has everything," said Laura McHolm, co-founder of NorthStar Moving Corporation. "Many of our clients have beautiful visions of what they want their new home to be, and now we can provide the complete dream with a stress-free move and modern-day Bob Vilas to turn the home into their own. By providing a partnered professional construction firm, our clients can avoid the common headaches and delays seeking a dependable contractor and other pitfalls that come with renovations. We are streamlining the move in and construction process."

Source: NorthStar Moving

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