Portland Ore. – Neil Kelly Cabinets is the first cabinet manufacturer to produce a Declare-labeled cabinet collection. Widely accepted to be the most advanced green building standard in the world, the Declare-label lists the actual ingredients in each building product and ensures that manufacturers, like Neil Kelly Cabinets, source materials free of “red list” chemicals and materials.

Neil Kelly Cabinet’s Naturally Northwest Collection is engineered to meet the Declare standards and demonstrates the company’s long-standing commitment to using resources responsibly and reducing its carbon footprint on the environment. The cabinets optimize indoor air quality and healthful living by using:

•No formaldehyde PureBond panels,

•Regional responsible solid wood and wood veneers

•No formaldehyde, low VOC adhesives and finishes

•Certified woods available upon request

“For Neil Kelly Cabinets, Declare is a natural progression for producing the healthiest, most eco-friendly cabinets for consumers,” said Mark Smith, President of Neil Kelly Cabinets. “We were first in the U.S. market to offer cabinetry using environmentally friendly, less harmful materials and construction technique. And, we will continue to innovate and lead in this industry.”

How Declare Works – For Dealers, Builders and Consumers

Cabinet dealers, builders, and consumers can use the Declare product database and label to find manufacturers that have declared their product ingredients, source and manufacturing locations. The Declare database provides a list of “red-list-ready products” containing zero ingredients from the hazard list, such as PVC and added formaldehyde.

Cabinet dealers, green-minded builders and savvy health-conscious consumers can read the product ‘nutrition label’ and make an educated purchase decision.

States Smith, “What really excites me about the Declare program is the transparency. With good information, I believe people can make healthier decisions for themselves and the environment. This program has the potential to effect real change in consumer behavior.”

Neil Kelly Cabinets joined The Oregon Natural Step Network in 1997and became the first FSC-certified cabinet manufacturer. In 2002, the company became a member of the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) and manufactured LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) compliant products for LEED certified buildings. Most recently, Neil Kelly Cabinets reached another green milestone by making International Living Building Challenge (ILBC) compliant products which lead to the natural step of earning the Declare label.

For more information about Declare, visit http://www.declareproducts.com/.

Source: Neil Kelly Cabinet Co.


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