WICHITA, Kan. - Kitchen and bath remodeling projects can be stressful, especially when you don't know where to start. Custom Cupboards' official design consultant is on the job — in a new blog and online newsletter.

Need help with the kitchen - and the rest of your home? Roger Hazard's Design Survival Guide offers tips, ideas, resources and inspiration for homeowners, homebuilders, kitchen remodelers and others who love great kitchens. Hazard will share his personal vision for creating appealing living spaces that fit a variety of needs and budgets.

"Not everyone has the luxury or budget to hire a design consultant. With Roger's blog, you get professional advice to create appealing living spaces," says Custom Cupboards president Mael Hernandez.

Readers and newsletter subscribers will learn how to add functionality and personality to their homes through regular features:

Design Process – A step-by-step examination of what goes in to creating a functional, beautiful space. By breaking the renovation process into manageable pieces, Roger shows the planning and execution that go into every successful remodel.

Kitchen Inspiration Pinboard – featuring Hazard's favorite emerging styles and how to pull together a cohesive look using cabinets, flooring, countertops, color, furniture, and accessories – with complete sourcing information.

Deconstructing a Kitchen – You know a great design when you see one, but what makes a design great? In this feature, Roger will "deconstruct" a completed design to explain why it works.

Functionality – Everyone needs more storage. Roger highlights technology, tools, and planning concepts that will maximize the function and capacity of your space.

"I want the newsletter to help empower homeowners, by giving them a fuller understanding of this process and inspiring them to seek out great, personal design," says Hazard.

Source: Custom Cupboards

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