Thanks to synchronisation, Movento has very good running characteristics, producing a smooth feather-light glide and top quality motion. What’s more, Blum’s Movento also offers 4-dimensional front adjustment. In addition to tried and tested height, side and tilt adjustment, gaps can also be precisely and simply aligned without tools with the new depth adjustment feature.

Numerous convincing possibilities

Movento – Blum's Runner System for High-Quality MotionThe Movento concealed runner system is available with integrated soft-close Blumotion or with the integrated Tip-On mechanical opening system for handle-less furniture. Tip-On has been incorporated in the runner system and is supplied with depth adjustment. Side stabilisation is an optional feature to improve the stability of very wide applications with short nominal lengths. Side stabilisation can also be combined with Tip-On. Another optional feature is synchronisation which ensures that even wide fronts open with reliable ease. It can be mounted quickly and simply without tools. Movento is available for load bearing capacities of 40 and 60 kilograms.

NEW! Base mounting

Movento runners can now be flexibly positioned and mounted directly to the cabinet base. This makes it easier to implement new design ideas such as open cabinets and pull-out surrounds, e.g. for hi-fi equipment, without having to use a visible screw-on leg. The base-mounted Movento delivers the same high-quality motion and adjustment ease as the model for standard mounting.

Source: Blum

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