Kitchen Solvers' Cabinet Refacing Emerges as a Thrifty Choice
September 20, 2012 | 8:13 pm UTC

LA CROSSE, WI - There's nothing quite like a global economic meltdown to get people to guard their wallets and purses.

In the aftermath of the Great Recession, Americans have been paying down debts, tightening budgets and emphasizing value over extravagance.

The newfound thriftiness is good news for Kitchen Solvers, which pioneered kitchen cabinet refacing -- an affordable way to create a beautiful kitchen by refurbishing rather than discarding old cabinets.

The remodeling industry is growing, according to Harvard's Joint Center for Housing Studies. With the era of house-flipping over, Americans are spending money to enjoy homes they plan to keep. But, the research institute says, the price per project has gone down.

Why cabinet refacing can be a good option

If you like the layout and functionality of your kitchen, replacing your cabinets can be expensive, time-consuming and wasteful. Cabinet refacing allows you to transform the look of your kitchen by giving sturdy cabinets a facelift.

Consider Tom and Pat Falbo of Spring Grove, Minn. The couple planned to renovate their kitchen, but cabinets at the nearby giant hardware store ran $12,000. Installation would have cost another $12,000. Kitchen Solvers refaced their cabinets for about $6,000.

"We think it was an excellent value. They put on solid cherry doors," Pat Falbo said. "You wouldn't know they're not new cabinets."

Refacing can also preserve nice features, such as the beautiful but expensive granite countertops in some outdated kitchens. Since refacing doesn't tear out the old cabinets, the granite countertop needn't be replaced. Reducing tearouts also reduces landfill waste.

It saves time, too. A typical kitchen remodel can take three to six weeks; cabinet refacing usually takes three days.

If you do want to change how your kitchen functions, refacing may still be an option: Kitchen Solvers owners are masters at installing new cabinets and refacing existing ones so everything looks brand new.

Kitchen Solvers has remodeled more than 45,000 kitchens in the past 30 years and has 68 franchise owners who enjoy extensive training, business support and supply discounts. To learn more, visit

Source: Kitchen Solvers

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