KBIS 2012 Gets "UnContained"
April 16, 2012 | 11:29 pm UTC

ALPHARETTA, Ga. – The Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS) remains on the forefront of shifting trends in the industry as it unveils UNcontained, an interactive look at how colliding generations are changing the rules of design and reinventing what a kitchen and bath should be. Anchoring the center of the show, UNcontained is a journey through the lifestyle of five unique consumers, utilizing five 20-ft.-long shipping containers as oversized dioramas designed to showcase different generational attitudes about life and home. With a focus on Gen Now (ages 15-34), Generation X (ages 35-44), Zoomers (ages 45-65) and Prime Timers (ages 66-plus), UNcontained will reveal diverse attributes and values that are directly impacting businesses and design in the kitchen and bath industry.

UNcontained Lifestyle

For the first time, four distinct generations are in the workforce, interacting, influencing and coexisting closely with one another. A launching pad for innovation, KBIS, the National Kitchen & Bath Association’s (NKBA) yearly show, will demonstrate through unconventional design how understanding the physical requirements and emotional benefits that drive and influence each generational lifestyle can result in profitable business for exhibitors, dealers, designers, builders, remodelers, retailers and other industry professionals. The UNcontained creative concept, designed by Visbeen Associates, Inc., is inspired by consumer lifestyle and trend research by Sphere Trending who created all lifestyle stories and container designs. Each container will utilize products, design and influence from both in and outside of the kitchen and bath industry to share each generation’s story. Cosentino, Dacor, Décor Cabinets and Moen are helping to bring UNcontained to life as industry sponsors. Influences driving each container design include:

  • Gen Now (ages 15-34) - As the new adult majority, Gen Now approaches life with a 24/7 mentality, flexing their hectic schedules to make time for the things they value – family, friends, travel, cooking and entertaining in their space. Because the vast majority of Gen Now-ers want to live in an urban setting, they tend to look for space-saving products that can move with them as they plan for their future.
  • Generation X (ages 35-44) - Generation X’ers are extremely busy maintaining a work/life balance and keeping their families happy and active, often in their small, slightly crowded homes. They love the self-satisfaction that comes from creating their own home space through decoration and renovation, a space that in many cases reflects blended families with children from previous marriages or relationships.
  • Zoomers (ages 45-65) - Often tagged as “baby boomers,” Zoomers are racing through life at full speed with their youthful, active mentality, thriving in what they have termed their “second middle age.” Though savings may have been hit hard by the recession and delayed retirement, they still maintain an affluent lifestyle and are willing to buy the products that make their lives easier.
  • Prime Timers (ages 66-plus) - Prime Timers are redefining the aging process, with one in eight living to be 100. As they grow older, Prime Timers are beginning to move back in with their loved ones and reinventing their living space, adding to the beauty of their multi-generational home.


“UNcontained is an exciting new addition to KBIS that will make the show experience even more valuable, leaving our attendees and exhibitors inspired and with new insights and ideas that can lead to growth opportunities,” said Jim Scott, managing director of KBIS. “Understanding how these generational trends and lifestyles influence design in the ever changing kitchen and bath industry and seeing these lifestyles interpreted in creative ways will help KBIS exhibitors – from designers and builders to remodelers and retailers -- to gain clearer insight into the wants and needs of their current and future customers.”

For a sneak preview of UNcontained, visit http://www.kbis.com/show/uncontained.

Source: Nielsen Expositions

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