White Rock, B. C. - Home organization really does make sense, and now the website that started out with good closet ideas for organizing and storage has expanded to include home storage ideas for every room in the typical family home.

The busy contemporary lifestyle of most families requires good kitchen, bathroom, and even bedroom ideas that can help create a more organized home and subsequently a more organized life for the people who live there.

"An organized closet will definitely help you become more organized in your daily life," says Bev OMalley owner of the site, "But nobody actually lives in a closet. A closet is just a room for storage, and all the other rooms in the house are for living and enjoying time together as a family. That is why I decided to expand the site beyond just home storage ideas for closets and include kitchen, bathroom, living room, and bedroom ideas for a more organized home. So as far as I am concerned it is time for home storage ideas to come out of the closet."

Home organizatoin is certainly a passion for OMalley as all the pages on the website are devoted to creating a better space for family life. Good home storage ideas are on almost every pageand there is constant emphasis towards using personal organization skills and a bit (just a tiny bit) of discipline to make sure that maximum value is achieved through any effort directed towards achieving a more organized home.

“With the home storage ideas on the site you can create a space that is more conducive to living together as a family instead of just storing stuff you have accumulated,” says OMalley. “If your stuff is taking over your space how you can be together as a family?”

So what started out as a passion for closet organization has evolved into a passion for home organization that pays close attention to every room in the house. Now visitors to the site can get helpful information about kitchen, bathroom and even bedroom ideas that will help them to not only store their stuff but create a more organized home.

Home organization in every room really does make sense!

Source: Organization-Makes-Sense

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