The Sensys generation of hinges from Hettich combines front-to-back design with a feel of luxury that appeals to the emotions. In particular, this includes automatic, soft door closure from the unusually wide opening angle of 35 degrees. Furniture doors that reliably close in response to a turn of the hand as well as even, gentle closing action is guaranteed in the temperature range from +5°C to +40°C and found nowhere else on the market.

In addition to the invisibly integrated soft-closing Silent System, the Sensys hinge never fails to impress with its elegant design: The hinge and mounting plate unite to give a look of harmony. A stylish cover cap hides the fixing screws on the hinge cup and the release button for removing the hinge is invisible from the front. Even on thick doors measuring 90cm high and 60cm wide, outstanding soft-closing performance is achieved with just two hinges.

Hinges face a challenge from the movement cycles typical of moulded doors and doors made of very thick material. This is not a problem for Sensys, leaving the new profile door hinge to meet the trend towards narrow gaps and chunky doors.

The new wide-angle hinge with integrated Silent System comes with a host of benefits for units that demand generous, unimpeded access. Zero-protrusion hinges make it possible to fit internal drawers without spacer profiles, preventing trapped fingers no matter what position the door is in.

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