Germansville, PA – Always on the cutting edge of wood working technology, Grothouse Lumber Company has developed the Synthesis Bar Rail™. The Chicago Style Synthesis rail is carved directly from the countertop surface, solving the design dilemmas traditionally associated with classic Chicago Bar Rail that was historically applied to the countertop as a separate piece. The cohesive flowing grain of Synthesis Bar Rail™ is a breathtaking modern spin on Classic Chicago Bar Rail.

Each Synthesis Bar is custom carved to the design specification. This allows the organic shape of the Synthesis Bar Rail™ to be designed by the client. In addition, Grothouse offers a standard Chicago Bar rail shape, designed to be ergonomic and a comfortable place for patrons to rest their arms. The solid carved rail is grain matched to the wood bar counter.

Synthesis enables the design to include unlimited arcs and curves with a tight inside radius. The carved nature of the rail ensures a smooth bottom surface on the overhangs and clean end terminations that do not require an additional cap to finish.

“We are excited to breathe new life into traditional Chicago Rail and offer an inspiring product exclusive to Grothouse, the trade response to Synthesis Bar Rail is awe-inspiring” states owner and founder, Paul Grothouse.

Source: Grothouse Lumber Company

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