BLAINE, Wash. - Greenlite Ventures Inc. ("Greenlite") (OTCBB: GLTV) announced today that it has commenced sales of voluntary carbon offsets through its Website at The carbon offsets being sold are from carbon sequestration by teak trees planted by United Nature in Panama. Greenlite has an agreement with United Nature to market carbon offsets produced by their reforestation projects in Panama's Darien region, the most southern region of Panama. United Nature has 1700 hectares (4199 acres) under ownership and management in Panama. Each hectare sequesters approximately 10 tons of atmospheric carbon per year. United Nature plants in jungle areas that have been damaged as a result of illegal or unethical tree harvesting practices such as clear cutting. Teak is the preferred wood for the plantations because it is resistant to disease and forest fires. Due to its high value for boat decks and other manufactured wood products it is not burned as firewood which would return carbon sequestered to the atmosphere. Details on United Nature's plantations can be found at their website

Source: Greenlite

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