DAYTON, Ohio - There is a lot to think about when making sure your home is a safe place for kids, but many people forget that the household garage door can be a serious safety hazard.

To help families make their garage door kid safe,, a website produced by the International Door Association (IDA), a trade association comprised of more than 2,000 door and access system dealers and installers worldwide, has launched the Garage Door Safety quiz, available on the website's home page.

"The quiz is a great way for parents, or anyone with small children frequently at their house, to evaluate what they know – and what they should know -- about garage doors," said Chris Long, IDA Managing Director. "With the right understanding of how these operating systems work, people will be able to teach kids about garage door safety – and learn about keeping themselves safe as well."

The quiz consists of five questions aimed at gauging an individual's garage door safety knowledge and providing homeowners with the information they need to make smart decisions regarding garage door safety. The garage door is the largest and heaviest moving object in the home. Accidents involving the garage door may result in serious injury or even death, and IDA is dedicated to helping people become aware of the potential dangers.

"It's extremely important that kids understand that a garage door and its operating system are not toys, and we encourage parents to help them learn why they shouldn't play near or under garage doors, or with a garage door's operating systems," said Long.

In addition to safety tips, also provides information on how the systems operate. A basic understanding of how a garage door operates can help homeowners ensure that it is properly maintained.

There are many maintenance tasks all garage door owners should perform on a regular basis, which can be found on IDA's maintenance checklist. But there are many instances when garage door care should be left to professionals. The website's ZIP code search function allows people to find an IDA Garage Door Professional close to their home. As the all-stars of the door industry, IDA members are experienced professionals who pride themselves on workmanship.

To take the quiz, learn about maintenance tips and locate an IDA professional, visit



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