Estate Millwork Expands Kiln Drying Facilities
October 23, 2012 | 4:48 pm CDT

MEYERSDALE, PA — Estate Millwork announced the successful launch of its computer controlled dry kiln division, adjacent to it's primary millwork plant in Meyersdale, PA. Estate Millwork manufactures custom doors, exterior wooden shutters and custom cabinets at a highly automated facility that uses a mixture of software, robotics and automated handling to enhance the production of elegant handcrafted Millwork from premium hardwoods.

During the downturn in the housing sector, the company has invested in automation and vertical integration. The kiln operation will provide top grade lumber, cut from nearby Appalachian hardwood forests, to meet the internal demand for Estate Millwork's hardwood products, as well as for resale regionally and nationally.

"Our primary motivation for adding drying capacity to our plant was to allow us to have more control over quality, lead times and inventory," said plant manager Richard 'The Bear' Beckner. "Additionally, we are able to control and direct the rough sawing of logs to meet our exact specifications for yield and dimensions by having kilns in-house. If we don't need it now, we don't cut it, we don't store it, we don't have money tied up in it, and we don't have to move it out of the way."

Drying schedules, inventory control and additional rough and finish milling will be driven by customer demand and careful schedule optimization, in order to keep driving costs out of Estate Millwork's products. The computer controlled kiln has a capacity of 48,000 board feet with multiple probes, sensors, wet and dry bulbs and automated exhaust and circulation.

In addition to fabricating custom doors and exterior shutters, Estate Millwork offers a full line of architectural mouldings, and will be offering rough and S4S hardwoods for sale to both small shops and industrial customers. Additional milling services including planing, rip sawing, moulding and finishing are also available, and will permit Estate Millwork to serve its growing customer base in the NorthEast, MidAtlantic and Southern regions.

About Estate Millwork:
Estate Millwork is a leading supplier of architectural quality millwork products, specializing in custom doors, exterior shutters, mouldings and cabinet doors. Located in the timber rich Allegheny mountains of Western Pennsylvania, the company draws upon local forests and hand craftsmen with generations of experience to build fine millwork and wood products in a state of the art facility that includes CNC, robotics and sophisticated software. For more information or to place an order, please visit or email sales(at)estatemillowkr(dot)com or call 1.866.322.0040.

Source: Estate Millwork


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