Cork Flooring Pros announces it's strategic partnership with Home Style Choices LLC. Together they plan to improve the educational information available to homeowners regarding cork floors.

Chicago, IL September 21, 2011

Cork Flooring Pros announced today that they have secured a partnership with Home Style Choices LLC, a company that operates the website. Together they plan to help educate consumers on the benefits and décor value of cork flooring in your household. “Our goal is to provide Home Style Choices with the content they need to promote the value and benefits of cork flooring. We also were able to secure some rights to use images owned by Home Style Choices LLC” said by Brighton Early of Cork Flooring Pros.

The Cork Flooring Pros website provides consumers with the educational information they need to learn everything about cork flooring. The Cork Flooring Pros website project started in May 2009 and is a website owned by Premier Web Strategies. “Our original goal with Cork Flooring Pros was to create a shopping portal, however that never materialized and it transformed into an educational resource for consumers” said Brighton Early. is an informational website to help homeowners find the information they need about home design and product choices. "Whether it's a simple upgrade or a completely new home, you're still faced with a myriad of choices" says Rob Levesque, founder and publisher of "For many of us the process of getting started, choosing products and all that comes along with it can be overwhelming."

"It's great when you become aware of a product or service that really suits your design or style needs" says Rob, "but it really doesn't end there." Rob says that with every product and home design choice there are usually several considerations you need to think through before you make a final decision. It's those "I hadn't thought of that" pieces of information that can help tip the decision on a product or design idea one way or another.

If you’d like to learn more about Cork Flooring Pros or Home Style Choices LLC feel free to visit their respective websites. You can contact Brighton Early of Cork Flooring Pros or Rob Levesque of Home Style Choices LLC to learn more about this partnership.


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