GRAND RAPIDS, MI -- Carter Products introduces the new, easier-to-use MagFence II. The MagFence II is the simpler and faster way to attach a fence to most popular band saws, table saws, or any other device with a ferrous-metal table.

The Carter MagFence II is a more flexible, higher quality, alternative to other fences on the market today. It is ready to use right out of the box and requires no modification of your bandsaw or other shop equCarter Products to Demonstrate New MagFence II at IWFipment.

The MagFence II needs no additional hardware, brackets, mounts or tools. It employs the use of powerful magnets to stay firmly in place. Rotational switches on each end of the fence engage and disengage the magnets, allowing for swift adjustments. It has four magnet mounting positions, making it compatible with even the smallest tables. The Magswitch magnets also work with all 30mm Magswitch jigs allowing use with pre-made and home-made accessories like feather boards.

The MagFence II is now available on-line at and at leading aftermarket distributors of woodworking tools and supplies. It is compatible with all new MagFence II accessories as well as most standard T-slot fixtures.

For demonstrations of the MagFence II, the new AccuRight Hollow Roller Vessel Turning System, the AccuRight Log Mill, and many more products for enhanced productivity, visit Carter Products in Booth #5501 at the International Woodworking Fair, Aug. 22-25 in Atlanta, GA or visit

Source: Carter Products




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